Asteroid 2.5 Times The Size of a Dinosaur Headed for Earth

By Abrar Khan

August 17, 2022

Which Asteroid Is It?

The asteroid has been designated as 2022 PW. It is scheduled to fly by today at a speed of 7.47 kilometers per second, which is roughly 22 times the speed of sound.

How Close Will It Be?

The asteroid will be passing Earth at a distance of about 529,000 km. For reference, the moon orbits the Earth at a distance of about 384,000 km.

So 2022 PW will pass the earth a little farther out than the moon, but not by much.

How Big Is It?

Compared to other asteroids, this one isn't actually that big. The estimated diameter is around 51 meters.

Are Any Other Asteroids Supposed to Hit Earth in 2022?

It is unclear whether or not there are any potential asteroid strikes in our future.