Discord Amateur Detectives That Caught Murderer

By Abrar Khan

They say reality is stranger than fiction. Well, this proves to be true in the case of a group of gamers who found themselves solving a murder case.

In the new Peacock Documentary titled "Perfect World: A Deadly Game," a group of gamers helped catch a murderer via an MMO and Discord in 2019.

According to VICE, one of the gamers' friends said he killed three people and was about to kill another. With this, the members of a gaming forum sprang into action.

The story kicked off when Maroon Ayoub received a message on Discord from an online friend who went by the username "Menhaz."

What's the Real Story Behind the Documentary

The Menhaz account wrote: "I just slaughtered my entire family, and will most likely spend the rest of my life in jail if I manage to survive

. I hope I made you laugh at one point or another, I hope you remember the good times. I will miss you all."

Eventually, the Menhaz account then sent Ayoub a collection of photos that allegedly showed his family members lying dead on the ground,

covered in blood, and with their throats cut. Online acquaintances of both Ayoub and the Menhaz account received similar messages.

According to the chat logs, Menhaz began talking about killing himself and his family as early as March. This is a disturbing development that PWV players considered a "dark joke."

Menhaz first killed his mother, then his grandmother, and said he was waiting for his sister and his father.