How to get Birch Forest and Fireflies in Minecraft?

By Abrar Khan

Nearly the entire Minecraft community mourned as Mojang declared that the new Birch Forest and Fireflies won't be coming to 1.19 The Wild Update.

However, this does not stop the game's modding community from creating several creative custom mods to bring these features to the game.

These features were showcased back in October 2021 during the Live event. However, due to several reasons, Mojang decided not to release them in the next update.

The update will contain mobs like Warden, Frogs, Allay, and Tadpoles, along with the Deep Dark and Mangrove Swamp biomes.

At the Minecraft Live 2021 event, Mojang showcased the concept art of a revamped birch forest biome and how they plan to enhance its beauty. 

Birch Forest and Fireflies custom mods for Minecraft

The trees were much longer in the concept art, with beehives and mushrooms protruding from them.

On the ground, there were several new types of flowers and horizontal tree trunks to show how the forest's evolution.

This concept was taken up by a modder named 'SuperStroi', and they made a brilliant datapack mod for Java Edition.