How to Get Shiny Venipede in Pokemon Go

By Abrar Khan

As we said earlier, the Bug Out Event is coming end and will end on August 18, 2022..

Image: Unsplash

During this event, a variety of Bug-type Pokémon spawn all over the place, so even the laziest player can get a few of them.

Image Divine Art

Among all these Pokémon, Venipede also appears quite often, and he can be shiny as of recently.

Image: thenerdstash

To get Shiny Venipede in Pokemon Go, you must catch every Venipede you meet, and you will find a Shiny Venipede with a 1/450 chance.

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As with any other Pokémon, the chance is pretty low. But since the Bug Out Event hasn’t ended yet, now is your best opportunity to get your hands on this Pokémon.

Image: Unsplash