RoboCop Fortnite Skin Officially Released

By Abrar Khan

Following rumors, a RoboCop skin is now available in Fortnite. RoboCop is just one of many, many pop culture icons to join Epic Games' free-to-play shooter over the last several years. 

Since jumping onto the scene in 2017, Fortnite has become a massive player in the entertainment space.

Somehow, against all odds, Epic Games was even able to get characters like Kratos and Master Chief in the same game across multiple platforms.

After rumors of his imminent inclusion, Epic Games announced RoboCop is joining the fight for the character's 35th anniversary.

The '80s action icon is now available in the item shop with a mini ED-209 emote that players can ride around on, which does indeed work on stairs.

Players can also use the leg of the proper size ED-209 as a pickaxe and backbling.

RoboCop may be an odd pairing for the game given he's from a super violent R-rated film that is much older than the target demographic, 

but it's something that Epic Games must have been incredibly have passionate about.