When Android 13 is Arriving for pixel Phones

The Android 13 Update is officially released for Google’s Pixel phone. this release is an official release a little earlier than usual, Following previous Android 12’s release last October and Android 11’s release in September 2020.

The updates arriving this year’s version of Android is likely to be familiar if you have been keeping up with Android 13 beta releases.

Android 13 App themed Android Wallpaper photo
Apps themed to an Android wallpaper. Image: Google

A ability to customize non-Google app icons to match homescreen wallpaper that we saw in first developer preview, and a new permission to cut down on notification spam, or option to limit which of your photos and videos an app can access.

Google Pixel Android 13 Extra Photo App Notification
Extra Photo App Notification | image: Google

The second ability to stream messages from apps including Google Messages directly to a Chromebook, similar to iMessage on the mac.

Google Own Messaging App

And another feature that google detailed in January. One o Google’s promotional assest also shows this working with messaging app Signal, and the company says the feature will work with “many of your other favorite messaging apps.”

This Update also includes a feature that lets you copy content from an android phone to be pasted on Android table and many more new features.

If you’re ready to install Android 13 on your Pixel phone, you can use Web-based Android Flash Tool to upgrade compatible devices.

Android 13 Samsung, Oneplus, Xiaomi, or Realme Update Date?

Google’s Sameer Samat writes announcement post The Android update will be coming to devices from other manufacturers including Samsung, Oppo, OnePlus, HMD, Motorola, Realme, Sony, Xiaomi, and Asus “later this year.”

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